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Most mid-market companies focus on growing top-line revenues—but they overlook bottom-line profitability. This small-business mindset can lead to soaring costs and plummeting profits: As revenues climb, operations struggle to keep up.

If this sounds familiar to your organization, it’s time to stop thinking like a small business. Audrius Jaugelavicius can lead the way.

Audrius works one-on-one with the business owners to accelerate profitable growth in the following ways:

  • Using key business metrics to assess performance and guide decision making, rather than outdated accounting metrics
  • Building a professional management team that can successfully develop and implement strategies for profitable growth
  • Increasing proactive sales over reactive sales to eliminate price competition, attract more desirable customers, and drive revenues
  • Leveraging real-time information from a convenient dashboard to gain a stronger understanding of results provided to customers
  • Developing strategic marketing initiatives to expand the reach of the brand and achieve higher company valuation
  • Enhancing workplace efficiency to increase employee productivity and improve overall work culture

Executive Coach

It can be lonely at the top: Presidents at mid-market companies face a dizzying array of responsibilities every day. From developing business strategy and managing major customer relationships, to increasing brand awareness and improving operations—it’s not an easy job to do alone.

In working with Audrius Jaugelavicius as an Executive Coach, business owners, CEOs, COOs, CMOs, presidents, and other executives identify what to stop doing in their regular activities and sacrifice those actions. They gain clarity and strategically focus their time and energy on the fewest activities that will matter the most in driving sustainable success for their organization. They move faster toward implementing those items. They become more effective in dealing with direct reports who have various personality and decision-making styles. They make decisions quicker on which employees to concentrate on and which ones, if necessary, to let go of. This work often impacts their corporate culture in a practical way that attracts, retains, and develops highly productive employees.

As your strategic advisor, Audrius is a sounding board for every business decision you make—and every business problem that comes your way. It’s time to lead strategically, while building a strong management team that can implement your strategy and stay in control of the business.


Together we’ll work on these improvements:

  • Creating a new brand that elevates your value in the eyes of your ideal buyers and clients.
  • Exciting your prospects about their growth potential and financial future by shifting gears from methodology to marketing and monetisation.
  • Articulating the immediate and ongoing economic impact to a business owner, often in terms of increased profits, valuation, and wealth creation.
  • Developing new offerings at multiple price points to attract and service clients of different shapes and sizes.
  • Identifying and pursuing a growth strategy that will generate six figures of new business.


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